I have a confession…. I have OCD….. Obsessive Compulsive Dieting!!! I have tried every diet available!!! IDK if its my age, my health, my insomnia, or whatever, preventing me from losing weight, BUT ITS TOTALLY FRUSTRATING!!!! I’ve decided to help y’all out, while I help myself. I am gonna try all these crazy fad diets, for the 1st or 10th time and record my thoughts, or success/failure w it. It is so hard to find the diet that works for each individual, so I’m gonna be the guinea pig and give my honest, totally unbiased feedback. I’ll keep y’all posted as I go. I’m thinkin “The review with AmyLou” Gonna be researchin this weekend and will be excited to see what works for me! Have a blessed and beautiful night!!!! 



playin by my own rules


I am so totally fed up with the lack of courtesy in the world today. I go out of my way to help you, a simple thanks, would be totally appreciated. I believe in helpin every chance I get~ its who I am, its what I do! I won’t stop because people are rude, I’m not made that way. It just saddens me, watchin people be so self absorbed, self centered. Total disregard for anyone else. A simple smile at a stranger might totally make their day~ what do ya lose by givin a smile? A polite hello? 2 precious seconds out of your say? I will continue to do what I do~ Like the sayin goes: I will be the change I wanna see…

Love yourself more

I am forever tryin to become the best me I can be. Always strivin to inspire others and be a great role model for my boys. I have made some totally monsterous bad decisions along the way, but I choose to learn and grow from the mistakes I’ve made. I am the eternal optimist, that some people get annoyed with, but I will always find that silver lining bc I believe that is one of my gifts from God. I will be the one to smile and says hello to everyone bc what if I am the ONLY one who does? That makes me so sad. Anyway…… love yourself! accept yourself! never stop growin and lovin! Have a blessed and beautiful day!!!!

Lupus sucks!!!

I have learned, fairly well I think, to live with lupus! My biggest/worst symptom is total and complete exhaustion!!! 99% of my life I feel like I got run over by a steam roller!!!! Totally deflated!!! I push thru because, for me, there is NO other option! O refuse to let lupus get the best of me! I thank God daily for my health because it could always be worse! If I’m not gonna have miraculous healing, let me be an inspiration for others! Have a blessed and beautiful day!!!!

lupus sucks

I shared a meme that says 87% of people w lupus downplay their symptoms to avoid upsetting their families. This is soooo true!!! My family knows when I’m suffering but I hide it from the rest of the world. Even they (most if the time) don’t know just how bad I do feel. In my mind, if I deny it, I deny lupus power over me. It is a wicked hard daily struggle but lupus ain’t gonna beat me!!! Have a blessed and beautiful day!!! #stupidlupus #lupussucks

Lupus awareness

I’ve shared with some fellow lupies that I was gonna start bloggin about #stupidlupus but haven’t really followed thru. Til now. May is lupus awareness month so I am gonna dedicate this blog to lupus this month. #lupussucks is a great place to start. I am blessed my lupus isn’t as bad as a lot of others. BUT I am NOT healthy! Everyday is a battle! My worst symptom is chronic fatigue. I have chosen to (currently) not treat with medication, but with diet and prayer. I am also prayin for all my fellow lupies. I REFUSE to let lupus get the best of me!!!! Have a blessed and beautiful day!!!

I chose…. keto aka high fat, low carb

Ok. I was gonna do aip diet, but its just not gonna work for me. I researched til my head was gonna explode and chose keto diet. I gotta have my cheese!!! So today I started… so far, so good. Gotta modify my coffee to come up w whats gonna work for me. That is my most important intake of the day. Havin lupus fatigue, I NEED COFFEE!!!! I’m old school and have my perfectly pink food journal! 💗 Stay strong! Stay motivated! Gonna get this weight off one way or another!!!!

my lupus beginnings

I was diagnosed at 18, after goin to 1 doctor 6 months, constant complaints of random pains, issues, he said it was mental. C-ya! New doctor tested me for everything: enter dx lupus. Medicated until remission. Off and on plaquenil/ prednisone for flares. Fast fwd to now: I’ve been in a flare for almost a year w no relief so I stopped meds. I am making a shopping list to start an AutoImmune Protocol diet (AIP) I am gonna try to log daily for me and anyone else curious of my journey. Tomorrow will be Day 1, prayin for a miracle!!!! Have a blessed & beautiful day❤️💋 #stupidlupus #Iwillbeatlupus #notlettinglupusbeatme


I have always loved fitness and nutrition! #stupidlupus makes it hard most of the time. I have decided to dedicate this blog to helping and inspiring anyone I can! In any way I can. I have always prayed if His will isn’t to heal me, then let my story help others. My biggest desire is to be who God designed me to be. I am far from perfect, but I am amazingly blessed! I hope my passion for life can help you. Have a blessed and beautiful day! 💜💗💋


I was so happy I worked out yesterday! I felt great but today I feel run over by steam roller! I hurt head to toe and am physically drained and exhausted! I am determined to beat this #stupidlupus!!! I have the divine physician on my side, I will overcome!!! I am focused and determined! I have my goals and I control my success! Not givin in to #stupidlupus or my fears and stumbles along the way!!! Have a blessed and beautiful day!!! ❤️💋