Hey Ya’ll!!! My second post woohoo!!! So I decided May was gonna be my Make It Happen month. I didn’t realize it was Teacher Appreciation week so there has been no shortage of sweets! I did indulge and have a donut yesterday, but am stayin strong today!!!! I know we all give in and I think that’s a good thing! I, personally, have to give in every once in a while or I will completely go binge crazy!!!! I used to think “Well, I already ruined this day, might as well indulge”, but no more!!! I am stickin to one treat every once in a while! Still not doin so good with workin out, blamin shoulder, but now that the weather is finally gettin nice I will recommit!!! I am totally lookin forward to the Color Run inKC this weekend! My first!!! Prayers appreciated!!! Well ya’ll have a fabulous and blessed day!!!



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