RIP 2016

I am well aware there are a few days left, but since they are gonna be crazy busy~ I will say this now.  2016, may ya rest in peace! You’ve definitely had ups and downs! You’ve taken some stars, and military and service heroes, you’ve given us Trump and you will take nobama with you. Personally, I’ve gained a niece, seen amazing growth in my boys. I have a job I (mostly) enjoy and some patients I’ve come to love. I pray ya take my stupidlupus with ya, when ya go! You’ve been a roller coaster ride from the start but I am not sad to see ya go! I am welcoming 2017 with an open heart and arms. I will do my part in making 2017 my best year yet, starting with me. 2016- good riddance!!! 2017- bring it on!!! God bless ❤️💋


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