#310Nutrition 😠

Sooo I was super excited to try the starter pack. I received the link of what I ordered. What I received was not what I was told I’d get. I asked customer service and was given run around. I commented on the fb page and moderator shut me down. I am sooo disappointed. Needless to say, I will not be using this company 😔

Go Cowboys

got my new planner! waitin on my 310 sample kit! my health doin a lil better! Tryin to stay positive and focused! I still have sooooo many projects and plans! Takin it day by day and todays biggest to do is watch Cowboys beat packers!!! 💙🏈💙🏈   Faith, Family and Football!!!! God bless and leave a sparkle wherever ya go ❤️💋

Gettin goals

I am not callin em resolutions bc I am gonna stick to em heehee I ordered a 310 sample pack. Gonna see if it helps me get this 20 lbs off. I am also gonna make a dream board and start workin in some side projects 😍 super excited!!!! just need health to improve! Gotta keep this motivation!!! 2017 gonna sparkle and shine!!!!


I know lots of people are big on makin new year resolutions. I am not one of those people. I believe we should strive to be the best we can be everyday! Take good care of ourselves daily! Love everyone in your life! Fill your life with passion and fire! Only you can change you if you aren’t happy. Your life is what you make of it. Choose happy! Choose healthy! My life goal is to be who God created me to be. Live, Love and Sparkle!!! Make you year fabulous!!! God bless ya’ll!!! ❤️💋

Here we grow!!!!

As I focus on becoming who God designed me to be, I realize that I have to get out of my own way. Why is it that the best things for us are always the hardest to do? I am not gonna focus on the negative so I won’t get into it. Breathe in the good, release the negative!!! Life is a constant struggle, eapecially dealing with health issues on top of it all, but I got this and God has me!!! Gonna make this year amazing!!!! God bless ya’ll!!! ❤️💋

RIP 2016

I am well aware there are a few days left, but since they are gonna be crazy busy~ I will say this now.  2016, may ya rest in peace! You’ve definitely had ups and downs! You’ve taken some stars, and military and service heroes, you’ve given us Trump and you will take nobama with you. Personally, I’ve gained a niece, seen amazing growth in my boys. I have a job I (mostly) enjoy and some patients I’ve come to love. I pray ya take my stupidlupus with ya, when ya go! You’ve been a roller coaster ride from the start but I am not sad to see ya go! I am welcoming 2017 with an open heart and arms. I will do my part in making 2017 my best year yet, starting with me. 2016- good riddance!!! 2017- bring it on!!! God bless ❤️💋

too much

So I am startin to think just runnin to grocery store then goin to get hair cut just about killed me! When I got home my ears and throat were killin me!!!! I was just startin to feel better too!!! #stupidlupus #lupussucks On a side note, God woke me up this am, have a roof over my head, food in my kitchen and a family that loves me! I am truly blessed!!! Gonna get thru this!!! #pushthru #tooblessedtobestressed #Godsgotthis

enjoyin the quiet

Boys are with my bro at Christian concert. Been gone aince Christmas Eve. Miss em like crazy, but enjoyin peace and Hallmark movie marathon. Would be even better if I didn’t feel like poop!!! Gonna beat this thing in 2017!!! #stupidlupus!!! Have a blessed day ya’ll ❤️💋

Finish strong

I have been fighting lupus for a while now. Diagnosed 24 years ago, I never had a flare up I didn’t eventually beat. I guess ya could call it remission. Well now, I am back on rx’s and vits/supps. I refust to let it keep me down. Its a roller coaster fight but my prayer is to support and inspire others. I know God can heal me, but if He decides not to, I wanna have a story to help others write and live their stories. God bless ya’ll! ❤️💋#lupussucks #survivor #tooblessedtobestressed

Christmas is comin

This year totally flew by!!! Christmas is right around the corner!!! I am truly blessed to not have only one, but two jobs where I can totally help people. I have patients that appreciate me and let me know I’m where I’m suppsed to be. I also have the opportunity to help women look as beautiful outside as they are on the inside.  Life is good!!!